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CSIE is an innovative program funded by the National Science Foundation. With the grant, Eastern has created a program that is designed to help Eastern students succeed in four important areas – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Students who participate in the CSIE Program get the most out of their classes by taking two or more classes, called a cluster, at the same time, as well as a one credit CSIE seminar that links the courses.

CSIE is...

  • a program
  • a cluster of science/math courses
  • a one credit seminar (CSIE 177, 277, or 377)

Make the connection between courses, with faculty, among peers, and in the community by participating in a Creative Scientific Inquiry Experience —CSIE.

The CSIE Program links the courses you need when you need them. Students take one or two science or mathematics courses in a cluster along with a one-credit seminar course. The seminar allows students to explore topics common to both disciplines in greater depth and using tools and techniques not normally taught in the first and second year courses. All CSIE experiences include:

  • Explore math and science careers with guest speakers and visiting alumni.
  • Work directly with Eastern faculty in small, focused classrooms. 
  • Explore a common project & issues from multiple perspectives.
  • Apply what you learn in the community, through Academic-Service Learning experiences.
  • Receive additional academic support including extended office hours, group study sessions, and advising.

The path to graduation starts with CSIE— and the CSIE team of faculty, student-peers, community partners, and program staff will reach out to help you keep on track.

Learn more about the cluster projects by term by clicking on the links below

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  • I want to lean about the Fall 2011 experiences and professors.
  • I want to learn more about the benefits of the CSIE Program.
  • I have specific questions and want to be contacted by a team member.
Click here for staff contact info.

Download a pdf version of the CSIE Brochure.

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