Academic Support

CSIE offers customized academic support. Here we describe how it works.


In conjunction with the Holman Learning Center, the CSIE grant is able to support individual and small group tutoring as well as supplemental instruction(SI) in mathematics and science by recruiting qualified upper-division students to serve this need. SI leaders are recommended by faculty and many are in our Honors college. The leaders work directly with the CSIE faculty to better support you in your studies.


Peer mentors will also be available to assist you in a less formal, less structured way. Through informal events, club activities, and e-communications, CSIE scholars will connect to a larger on-campus community.

To apply to become a tutor, supplemental instruction leader, or peer mentor, go to employment opportunities.

Book Loans

The CSIE Program is pleased to offer textbooks, study guides, and certain equipment on loan to students who are fully enrolled in a CSIE cluster. Textbooks and equipment are distributed to students on the first day of class and collected at the final exam. The CSIE program will also purchase lab manuals, and other nonreusable materials for students.

For more information, or to make a donation to the CSIE Book Loan Program,

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