As a part of their on-campus living expenses, Residence Hall Students are required select a meal plan option from those available that best matches their lifestyle. Returning Students have the option of choosing from one of the three Traditional Meal Plan Memberships (Platinum 18, Gold 13 or Silver 8) or one of the two Flex Plan Memberships (Super or Basic). These plans are specifically designed to help students adjust from home life to independent living by ensuring that students always have access to their next meal. Traditional Meal Plan Memberships provide a specific number of meals per day/or week ongoing throughout the semester, students benefit from not having to manage money and not running out of meals before the semester ends. Flex Plan Memberships provide students with greater flexibility in choosing when to eat and have no pre-set value. This flexibility does require that students manage their funds appropriately to ensure that they do not run out before the end of the semester.
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