Eastern Michigan University

EMU Dining Services

Relies upon student help in the dining centers, catering, convenience stores, snack areas and offices. Job opportunities are very flexible and work locations are very convenient to classes and residence halls. Students may work up to 29 hours a week wherever they can fit it in their class schedule.

Dining Services pays some of the highest student wages on campus! Many students earn higher wages through longevity increases or promotional opportunities. Positions available include food service workers, cashiers, supervisors, office managers, computer analysts, graphic artists and unit managers. While we welcome work study students, work study is not required to work in Dining Services.

Secure your preferred job NOW or check us out during FastTrack. Begin working your freshman year! According to Rick Kincaid, editor of Student Employment: Linking College and the Workplace , "The Freshman Year Experience," working does not typically interfere with academic responsibilities. In fact, working students demonstrate better time-management skills. It is also a great way to get involved in campus life and to meet interesting people.

Student Application

To apply for a position with EMU Dining Services, you must complete an application. Please only submit one application per semester. Submitting multiple applications may delay the hiring process:

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