EMU Logo Downloads

Please click the appropriate link to download the relevant departmental logos. If you have questions or need other formats, please contact Web Communications.

Please note that general, institutional EMU logos are available for download here.

  1. Library logos in a .zip file
  2. Alumni logos in a .zip file
  3. Enrollment Management logos in a .zip file
  4. History and Philosophy logos in a .zip file
  5. Foundation logo in a .zip file
  6. Academic Advising Center logo in a .zip file
  7. Veterans Services logo in a .zip file
  8. Academic Affairs and Provost logos (.zip)
  9. General Education logo (.zip)
  10. College of Education logo (.zip)
  11. Holman Learning Center logo (.zip)
  12. Payroll (main EMU logos) (.zip)
  13. OIS logos (.zip)
  14. Music and Dance (.zip)
  15. College of Business and Ethos Week (.zip)
  16. Student Business Services (.zip)
  17. Faculty Development Center (.zip)
  18. English Language and Literature (.zip)
  19. Dining Services (.zip)
  20. Housing (.zip)
  21. Career Services (.zip)
  22. Holman Success Center (.zip)
  23. Business Education First (.zip)
  24. Students with Disabilities (.zip)
  25. Campus Life (.zip)
  26. College of Arts and Sciences (.zip)
  27. Diversity and Community Involvement (.zip)
  28. Physical Plant (.zip)
  29. Admissions (.zip)
  30. University Health Services (.zip)
  31. College of Technology (.zip)
  32. BEST programs (.zip)
  33. School of Technology Studies (.zip)
  34. CMTA (.zip)
  35. Charter Schools (.zip)
  36. Institutional Assessment (.zip)
  37. Continuing Education (.zip)
  38. Sociology, Anthropology & Criminology (.zip)
  39. SAG logos (.zip)
  40. STS embroidery logos
    1. Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising (.zip)
    2. Aviation Flight Technology (.zip)
    3. Aviation Management Technology (.zip)
    4. Business Management Marketing Technology (.zip)
    5. Communication Technology (.zip)
    6. Hotel and Restaurant Management (.zip)
    7. Industrial Distribution (.zip)
    8. Information Assurance (.zip)
    9. Paralegal (.zip)
    10. Network Information Technology Administration (.zip)
    11. Simulation Animation and Gaming (.zip)
    12. Technology Management (.zip)
    13. Technology and Design Education (.zip)
  41. Student Government
  42. Residence Hall Association
  43. Teacher Education
  44. School of Social Work
  45. Historic Preservation