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Alternative Media Request Form

CATE Lab Exam Accommodation Form
*Scroll down for important information about using the CATE Lab*

Documentation for Medical and Psychological Conditions Form - DRC 102

DRC Initial Questionnaire

Emotional Therapy Animal Accommodation Request- 3rd Party Assessment Form

Renewal Letter Form

Special Housing Related Request



Student Handbook - for all EMU Students:



Using the CATE Lab for exam accommodations

If you have testing accommodations, you may choose to take exams in the department and/or with the professor. Or you can take your exams at the CATE Lab. For use of the CATE Lab, please review the Guidelines below. The CATE Lab is located in 120 Porter and our hours of operation are M-F 9–5.

If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us by
email: cate_lab@emich.edu or
phone: 734-487- 1419 or 734-487-3558 or
in person at 120 Porter Building  


Student Guidelines for taking exams/quizzes through the CATE Lab:


  • Students initiate exam scheduling by downloading a CATE Lab Scheduling form and completing the Student Section for each course for which you plan to use the CATE Lab.
  • If possible, please schedule all of your exams from the course on one testing form which allows us to plan for accommodations on specific dates.
  • Refer to your syllabus for dates.
  • If you have a conflict with another class, let us know immediately. For example, if you have back to back classes, we will reschedule the exam so that you do not miss class.
  • Inform your instructor that you will be taking exams at the CATE Lab. Provide the CATE Lab Scheduling Form to your Instructor to complete their section.
  • Retrieve the CATE Lab Scheduling Form from your Instructor well in advance of the exam date, and “schedule” your exam at the CATE Lab in 120 Porter. You can also email the exam form to us at cate_lab@emich.edu
  • Exams occur at the same time as your class unless using your accommodations would prevent you from attending a class lecture component. Inform the CATE Lab of these conflicts.
  • If your exam is scheduled beyond our business hours, we will coordinate an alternate exam time with you and your instructor, or you can make arrangements with the professor to test in the department.
  • While we attempt to accommodate late exam requests, there are times where extra steps will be required to arrange accommodations and we will not be able to have you test at CATE. If this is the case, you may need to test in class or with the professor in the department. Being proactive on your part will result in a less stressful exam day.
  • If you need to cancel a scheduled exam, (for example, withdrew from class, chose to take exam in class, or exam is cancelled or postponed) please contact the CATE Lab at 487-1419 or cate_lab@emich.edu

Test Day

  • Arrive on time.
  • Bring your items that the professor is allowing for the test (if any), such as notecard, calculator, etc.
  • Place all personal items in storage space provided.
  • Cell phones and mobile/electronic devices are not allowed to be near you during exams. You can leave these devices with CATE staff and they will be secured. For make-up tests or tests where your instructor allows flexibility for completion, you will be seated as space becomes available. Please schedule these exams as soon as you are aware of them.
  • Final Exams: You may be scheduled to take your test in a different location due to volume of exams.

Unauthorized Materials and Cheating

  • The use of unauthorized materials during tests or cheating in any form is not tolerated.
  • The test area is monitored regularly and video cameras are in use.
  • If you are suspected of having unauthorized materials or of cheating in any way:
      • Your instructor will be informed of the suspected incident.
      • You may be referred under Part A of the Student Code of Conduct.
      • Your instructor may choose to impose additional penalties.


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