Eastern Michigan University

Course Accessibility and Disability Statement

It is my goal that this class be an accessible and welcoming experience for all students, including those with disabilities that may impact learning in this class. If anyone believes they may have trouble participating or effectively demonstrating learning in this course, please meet with me (with or without a Disability Resource Center (DRC) accommodation letter) to discuss reasonable options or adjustments. During our discussion, I may suggest the possibility/necessity of your contacting the DRC (240K Student Center; 734-487-2470; drc@emich.edu) to talk about academic accommodations. You are welcome to talk to me at any point in the semester about such issues, but it is always best if we can talk at least one week prior to the need for any modifications.

Rationale for statement as written:

  • Many instructors prefer that students talk to them about course concerns, whatever the reason for those concerns. The goal behind this statement is to encourage conversation even if disability is not a central issue. Furthermore, in promoting conversation, not having an accommodation letter should not be a barrier that prevents communication.
  • Some instructors prefer to coordinate reasonable arrangements within a class without the need for directive from the accommodation letter. Other instructors prefer that the accommodation letter be the guiding document by which reasonable accommodations are made. This statement offers flexibility to fit specific situations and allows the DRC to be as involved as necessary.
  • By stating "to discuss reasonable options or adjustments," a limit is set as to what is and perhaps is not possible with the instructor and the DRC as necessary playing a critical role in defining those limits after considering the specific situation of the student. Students should have a voice in the process, but do not get to dictate the outcome. For example, it is not reasonable from an accommodation perspective for a student to take exams for an 8:00am class later in the afternoon because the student may not function well in the morning due to medication side effects. Thus it might be reasonable to coordinate a different time given the student's sluggish abilities early in the morning.
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