Eastern Michigan University

Course Accessibility and Disability Statement

It is the policy and practice of the University to create inclusive learning environments.  If there are aspects of the instruction or design of this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or to accurate assessment of achievement such as: time limited exams, inaccessible web content, or the use of non-captioned videos; please simultaneously notify the instructor and the Disability Resource Center as soon as possible.  The DRC can be contacted at: drc@emich.edu or by phone: 734-487-2470.

Rationale for statement as written:

  • Many instructors prefer that students talk to them about course concerns, whatever the reason for those concerns. The goal behind this statement is to encourage conversation even if disability is not a central issue. Furthermore, in promoting conversation, not having an accommodation letter should not be a barrier that prevents communication.
  • Some instructors prefer to coordinate reasonable arrangements within a class without the need for directive from the accommodation letter. Other instructors prefer that the accommodation letter be the guiding document by which reasonable accommodations are made. This statement offers flexibility to fit specific situations and allows the DRC to be a partner as necessary.
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