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Role of Parents of Students with Disabilities in the Accommodation Process

  • Understand that the student is now treated as an adult in the college system
  • Learn about the differences between the high school accommodation process and the college accommodation process
  • Respect the fact that some students will not want to initially use college accommodations even though high school accommodations were used; it is the student's choice
  • Balance the need to let he student share one's personal story with your sharing your student's story; the DRC will work with you and will acknowledge your perspective, but we need to work with the student first and foremost
  • Find a healthy balance of knowing when to become actively involved in a situation; give the student an opportunity to learn
  • Sometimes the best learning opportunities come from reflection on failure when the consequences of failure remain, rather than removing the outcome that happened as a result of failure
  • Realize that most course instructors will want to work with he student directly, not the parent; if you are really concerned about a classroom situation, contact the DRC
  • Appreciate the DRC's notion that successful college students are often not the smartest students, but rather the most independent students who are great self-advocates and sound managers of life's details
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