Eastern Michigan University

Temporary Disabilities

Students who experience a temporary injury (broken foot, broken wrist, knee surgery recovery, etc.) are welcome to contact the Disability Resource Center if there are clear academic or campus impacts as a result of the injury that cannot be obviously resolved through conversation with the course instructor or other campus representatives. However, the DRC does recommend that the student contact course instructors, housing leaders, etc. first in such a situation and see what can be worked out since temporary injuries are not technically a disability by definition. In most cases, the injury is obvious and modifications can be coordinated without DRC presence.

DRC involvement, when absolutely necessary, may require further communication with others (course instructors, housing, etc.) in order to determine a reasonable, accessible outcome relative to the situation and the environment. Students will often not get an accommodation letter but rather receive an email of support, explanation and/or general recommendations to share with instructors and others as the situation dictates.

Students with temporary disabilities do follow the Campus Transportation Guidelines as outlined on the DRC website.

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