Eastern Experts

The Eastern Michigan University experts directory highlights the wide variety of expertise and insight on our faculty and staff. The goal of the directory is to enable journalists to quickly secure experts to comment in stories and interviews, and to help community organizations find speakers for their events. Each activity represents a service to the community, and promotes an understanding of the University’s outstanding faculty and staff.

Featured Experts

  • Pamela Becker
    Pamela Becker

    Professor, Technology Management

    Technology management, workforce development, women in technology, online teaching

  • Kristine Ajrouch
    Kristine Ajrouch

    Professor of Sociology

    Aging, Arab Americans, social relations

  • Martin Shichtman
    Martin Shichtman

    Professor, English; Director, Jewish Studies

    Medieval literature, Arthurian literature, cinema, literature, film, the Holocaust, the BDS movement

  • Ronald C Woods
    Ronald C Woods


    Race, public policy and the law, higher education and non-profit governance, academic program design, institutional equity and strategic planning, urban transformation, community capacity building and intellectual capital formation

  • Alice Jo Rainville
    Alice Jo Rainville

    Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics

    School nutrition programs, foods

  • Cam McComb
    Cam McComb

    Assistant Professor of Visual Arts Education

    Artistic Thinking, arts-based research, assessment & performance rubrics

  • Peter B Wood
    Peter B Wood

    Professor of Criminology and Sociology; Senior Editor, Sociological Inquiry

    Criminology, corrections, deviance, urban, race

  • Kathryn A Ziegler

    Teaching in the women's prison

  • Sally Burton Hoyle
    Sally Burton Hoyle

    Associate Professor

    Autism Spectrum disorders, Person-centered Planning for Life in the Community, College Supports for persons with Autism Spectrum disorders.

  • Jeffrey Bernstein
    Jeffrey Bernstein

    Professor of Political Science

    American politics, campaigns and elections, public opinion, Jewish-American Politics, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

  • John Koolage
    John Koolage

    Associate Professor

    Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Climate Change, Gun Control.

  • Linda Pritchard
    Linda Pritchard

    Professor of History and Women's and Gender Studies

    Women's and gender studies at intersections of race, class, ethnicity, religion and globalism; American religious history and its impact on society and politics; Importance of liberal arts in careers and personal satisfaction

  • Ben Ilozor
    Ben Ilozor


    Architecture, construction management, space efficiency diagnostics, renewable energy and sustainable built environment Systems, built facilities design, planning and management.

  • Derek Mueller
    Derek Mueller

    Associate Professor of Written Communication

    Writing studies, rhetoric and composition

  • Katherine Ryker
    Katherine Ryker

    Assistant Professor of Earth Science Education

    Science education, women in science, education reforms, geologic events

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    Director of Choral Activities

    Choral music

  • Margrit Zinggeler
    Margrit Zinggeler

    Professor of German

    Business German, Switzerland, Grimm Fairy Tales

  • Peter Higgins
    Peter Higgins

    Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Immigration, global poverty; gender and sexuality, social justice

  • Cathy Fleischer
    Cathy Fleischer


    English education, teaching of writing, disciplinary writing, teacher research

  • Chiara Hensley
    Chiara Hensley

    Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

    Higher education leadership and administration, lean operational programming, institutional equity, systemic change, and strategic planning, project management and coordination, academic and personal growth and development, individual and group counseling

  • Grant Shafer
    Grant Shafer


    History of Rome, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism

  • Rhonda Vander Laan Kraai
    Rhonda Vander Laan Kraai

    Assistant Professor of Special Education

    Learning disabilities, struggling readers and writers, classroom management strategies, metacognition, academic service learning, faith communities and disabilities and disability awareness training.

  • Stephanie Casey
    Stephanie Casey

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

    Mathematics education, statistics education

  • Allen Kurta
    Allen Kurta

    Professor of Biology

    Ecology and behavior of bats

  • Joe Ann Campbell
    Joe Ann Campbell

    Adjunct Lecturer

    Aging and dementia

  • Linda Yohn
    Linda Yohn

    WEMU Music Director

    Jazz, blues, public radio programming,

  • Arnold Fleischmann
    Arnold Fleischmann

    Professor of Political Science

    Local politics, urban development, LGBT politics

  • Gina Luttrell
    Gina Luttrell

    Associate Professor

    Social media, public relations, Millennial generation

  • Jeromy Hopgood
    Jeromy Hopgood

    Associate Professor

    Theatrical Design (scenery, lighting, projections, sound), media design, show control networking, dance design

  • Maria Mitter
    Maria Mitter

    Assistant Director

    Out-of-school time programming

  • Michael Wise
    Michael Wise

    Assistant Director, Military and Veteran Services

    Military and veteran affairs, organizational leadership

  • David Winters
    David Winters

    Associate Professor

    Dyslexia, learning disabilities, reading disabilities, structured literacy, assistive technology

  • Zuzana Tomas
    Zuzana Tomas

    Assistant Professor of ESL/TESOL

    TESOL, ESL, second language teacher education, curriculum and materials development, second language writing, plagiarism, academic service-learning, English language learners, community-based ESL, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)

  • Brenda A Riemer
    Brenda A Riemer


    Sport psychology, sport sociology and sport management

  • Konnie Kustron
    Konnie Kustron


    Plagiarism and academic integrity

  • Ping Zhou
    Ping Zhou


    East Asia, China, Demography, Economic Geography

  • Mike Sayler
    Mike Sayler

    Professor and Dean, College of Education

    Education, teacher training, gifted education, parenting

  • Kevin Karpiak
    Kevin Karpiak

    Associate Professor

    Policing, political and legal anthropology, cultural criminology, France

  • Derrick Fries
    Derrick Fries

    Associate Professor

    K-12 school administration and special education

  • Steve Rose
    Steve Rose


    Social theory, veteran issues, suicide, and Identity

  • Tammy Brown
    Tammy Brown

    SkillsUSA Michigan State Director

    SkillsUSA, Career and Technical Student Organizations

  • Betsy Morgan
    Betsy Morgan

    Director, International Initiatives, College of Arts and Sciences

    Internationalization, ESL, TESOL, intercultural communication

  • Donna Holubik
    Donna Holubik

    Financial Aid Director

    Financial aid, financial literacy, student loan debt management counseling

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith

    Professor; Director, Brehm Center for Special Education Scholarship and Research

    Disability studies; inclusion; special education best practices; disability research; autoethnography; education in society; cultural studies

  • Russell Olwell
    Russell Olwell

    Director, Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Communities

    Mentoring, education, atomic history, community engagement, subsidized housing

  • Melody Werner
    Melody Werner

    Title IX Coordinator

    Title IX

  • Ashley Glassburn Falzetti
    Ashley Glassburn Falzetti

    Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies

    Indigenous feminisms, interdisciplinary and Decolonial methodologies, Algonquian language revitalization, the history of feminist thought

  • John Wegner
    John Wegner

    Lecturer III

    US History of Gilded Age and Progressive Era; Michigan history; Ohio history

  • Linda LewisWhite
    Linda LewisWhite


    Literacy education, second language literacy development, relationship between language development and literacy, early literacy, content area literacy, academic language and literacy, writing in the elementary classroom, phonemic awareness and phonics

  • Michael Tew
    Michael Tew

    Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies

    LGBT Issues, and public policy, public address, political communication

  • Maria Luz Garcia
    Maria Luz Garcia

    Assistant professor in department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology

    Ixil (also spelled Ixhil) Mayas, Guatemala immigration to US, Rios Montt trial, Guatemalan genocide, Mayan languages, Maya historical memory

  • Zachary Jones
    Zachary Jones

    Lecturer of Geography

    Geography, geospatial sciences and technology, urban planning

  • Ethriam Cash Brammer
    Ethriam Cash Brammer

    Director, TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) Program

    Latino/a studies, translation studies, immigration studies, bilingualism/biculutralism, multicultural children's literacy, student success and higher education policy.

  • Jeff Popko
    Jeff Popko

    Professor of ESL & TESOL

    English as a second/foreign language, second language acquisition, International English Education Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

  • Anne Lee Balazs
    Anne Lee Balazs

    Interim Dean, College of Business

    Elderly consumer behavior, health care marketing, sales and retail management, women in higher ed

  • John Carlson
    John Carlson

    Sr. Corporate Relations Manager, UACDC

    Career coaching, job readiness and planning; employer prospecting and networking, resume writing

  • Peggy Liggit
    Peggy Liggit

    Director - Faculty Development Center, Professor of Biology and Science Education

    Learner-centered teaching, professional development, assessment of student learning, cognitive coaching, curriculum development, institutional accreditation.

  • Mary Schneider
    Mary Schneider

    Director of Bands

    University Bands, music education, Music Now Fest