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10 Unique Classes at EMU

by Anita LeBlanc

There’s always been the need to fit in despite unique preferences. EMU students may have found a way to accommodate your inner rebel while appeasing their desire to socialize among the 340 student clubs and organizations on campus. Here are ten of the different, weird and wacky.

1. Alternative Breaks (AB)
While many students opt for a warm and restful destination over spring break, some at EMU prefer providing direct service to other communities. Spring break trips this year took AB members to: Atlanta to help support refugee resettlement and HIV harm reduction; New Orleans to provide urban reconstruction and disaster relief; as well as Virginia and Florida to support other community programs. AB also provides weekend trips with limited time, but lots to give. Who needs rest when making a difference and memories is such an unbeatable combination?

2. Amplifying the Arts (AMP!)
What’s more inspiring than one artist creating? All kinds of artists creating together! AMP! makes this possible, serving as a campus catalyst for collaboration and increased creativity among traditional and nontraditional student artists, as they participate in interactive group projects—ones that open doors to new audiences, venues and opportunities. The latest AMP! project? Clash of the Creators, a reality TV series pitting two teams of student artists in a competition focusing on creativity.

3. Roller Hockey Club
“Why skate on thin ice when you can be on wheels?” could be the tagline for EMU’s Roller Hockey Club. The club has been raising hell on wheels at college rinks for over 12 years, playing the wildly competitive sport that is similar to ice hockey in nearly every way, with the exception of roller blades taking the place of bladed skates.

4. The Flying Squirrels
Quidditch Team
No wizard skills, winged Golden Snitch or airborne broomsticks are necessary in this Muggle version of the fantasy sport developed by author J.K. Rowling for her Harry Potter series. Instead, The Flying Squirrels bring together student geeks and athletes to play an earthbound blend of Rugby and Lacrosse. The team currently ranks 71st out of 138 teams in the International Quidditch Association Rankings, and plans to fly even higher.

5. HanSoRi
“The making of sound together to create a beautiful harmony” is a rough English translation–and apt description–of Eastern’s HanSoRi Korean Traditional Percussion group. They employ two different kinds of Korean traditional drums and gongs to play samul nori, a Korean folk music genre once used by farmers to increase their harvest. And while they may not increase harvests, their enthusiasm and that of their audiences indicate they are clearly creating “beautiful harmony.”

6. Outbreak: Eastern
Is it dead on campus? Maybe, maybe not. Outbreak: Eastern, the EMU version of the athletic, live action, role-playing game inspired by the Human vs. Zombies tag game sweeping college campuses, has two opposing teams of the Undead and Resistance using hands, socks and soft dart launchers to fight for dominance. No matter who wins, Outbreak: Eastern keeps excitement alive and well on campus.Responsibility explores ethical issues faced by everyday computer users and uses hands-on practice with a broad variety of online and computer productivity tools to support socially responsible computer use.

7. Dungeons and Dreadnoughts
Some Eastern students wish for a more magical social experience. Dungeons and Dreadnoughts offers just that to those interested in science fiction fantasy-oriented games. Over 85 EMU students, alumni and their pals currently meet to play Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer 40k and other tabletop role-playing and board games as they convivially conjure new friendships.

8. Road Running Emus at EMU
Did you think you had to fly like an eagle to run with other students at Eastern? You must’ve had your head in the sand. The Road Running Emus have been welcoming EMU students and alumni runners of any skill level–fast or slow, novice or experienced–for several years. They run together three to five times a week and also host runs, the most recent being the Luck of the Emu 5K Run-Walk.

9. Stoic Society
If you think “stoic” means “apathetic,” you’ll change your definition to “strong” after meeting EMU’s Stoic Society. Named after the teachings of the Greek philosopher, Zeno, the oldest honorary organization on campus has enthusiastically been in engaging in local service commitments for nearly 103 years. Recent projects include making blankets for the Linus Project, volunteering at the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary and donating holiday toys for children of indigent families.

10. Ultimate Frisbee
Playing the team sport played with the ubiquitous flying disc, the men of the Ultimate Frisbee team saw the seeds of their highly competitive nature and hard work blossom this year. After attaining a top 50 ranking among all registered college teams and placing fifth in Regionals this year, it’s clear that their desire to advance to Nationals is not just a pie-in-the-sky aspiration; it’s rooted in solid ground. 3