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Comprehensive index of US Universities American Universities
Interactive Web College Net College Net
Academic Resource Network On-Line Database
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and other resources
Social Science Research Network
The National Science Foundation NSF
American Economic Association AEA
Job Opportunities for Economists JOE
International Association for Management of Technology IAMT
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System FED
Federal Reserve Bank of New York NYFED
Social Security Administration SSA
The Economic Report of the President President Report
World Wide Web Data Sources WWWDS
International Monetary Fund IMF
The World Bank World Bank
United Nations UN
The Storm Thurmond Institute Data Sources STIDS
International Institute for Sustainable Development IISD
GIS WWW Resource List GIS
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS
World Wide Web of Demography DEMO
World Web Web Data Surfing WWWDSU
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Sustainable Development WWWVLSD
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics WWWVLSTAT