I am Ed Eloian, currently serving as Senior Consultant at TUSC, Oracle Consulting Firm. TUSC is an Ultimate software consulting firm providing integrated functional and technical solutions for costumers since 1988. I would like to tell you how the department of economics at Eastern Michigan University shaped my future.

I was born January 1 st, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan. My family was a traditional Armenian family, coming over from Turkey in 1920. I wasn’t a very good student but I was a good athlete. That is how I got into college by playing football. I started at Saginaw Valley State College in 1974. After being there for two years I wanted to try a bigger school so I transferred to EMU. I played there one season. While at Saginaw Valley I was a so-so student, with a GPA at about 2.0.

However, while there a football coach had a talk with me about my future. The way he painted the picture it did not look too bright. So he suggested that I get a bit more serious about my grades. After leaving his office I realized that he was right so I did get more serious. So starting the winter semester of my sophomore year I got a straight four-point. I continued that for the next 11 years, right through graduate.

My time at EMU was quite eventful. I majored in economics and mathematics. After I started getting impressive grades I lost interest in football. Then I met Dr. Hanna. He probably had the single greatest impact on my life. He believed in me and he did whatever he could to ensure that I would be successful. By my senior year I was contacted by both Indiana and Michigan State University economics department Ph.D. programs. I chose Michigan State University. I graduated in 1987 Summa Cum Laude.

Oddly enough even though I am a Ph.D. economist and do not practice economics as a profession. I am in Information Technology and have been since I received my Ph.D.

I owe Eastern Michigan University and Dr. Hanna a great deal. I think if wasn’t for him and the positive atmosphere that surrounded me at that school I probably would have ended up back in Detroit and most likely in an auto plant. I applaud Eastern Michigan University for foundation that it gave me.

Edward Eloian, Class of 1987