The Economics Department at Eastern Michigan University is committed to providing Graduate and Undergraduate Students with a thorough rounding in the discipline of Economics. We expose a diverse student body to diverse points of view about economics. Students grow and mature through interaction with their classmates, faculty and through the examination of alternative approaches. We strive to be accommodating to the needs of non-traditional students.

We seek:
  1. To foster the intellectual growth and development of students.
  2. Through strong undergraduate instruction in Economics, to prepare students for their futures in graduate school, in the professions (law, accountancy, finance, etc.), in teaching elementary through high school students, in business, and as citizens.
  3. Through strong graduate instruction in Economics, to provide students with the skills and insight to excel in their chosen professions, and to prepare those students who choose to continue their study of economics for the rigors of a PhD program.
  4. To provide a haven for international students that will be supportive while they are here and that will provide tools appropriate to their lives when they return home.
  5. To provide an environment in which faculty research is encouraged and assisted.
  6. To encourage participation by faculty and students in activities that are of service to the EMU community, to surrounding communities, and to the larger professional community of which we are a part.