Dr Abdullah Dewan

Professor of Economics,

Interim Department Head, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Dr. Dewan joined the faculty in 1988. He has a PH.D. from the University of Kentucky.

His major areas of academic interest are Monetary Economics, Time Series Analysis, and Macroeconomics. He teaches the undergraduate classes in Money and Banking, Monetary Economics, and Principles of Macroeconomics. He also teaches the graduate class in Monetary Economics and Econometrics. Some of his selected publications are:  

“Money Growth variability and Stock returns: An Innovations Accounting Analysis,” International Economic Journal, (Vol. 12, Winter 1998) 1-16.

“Money, Inflation and Unemployment Linkages: Some Monetarists Propositions Reexamined,” The Journal of Economics, (March 1995), with Raouf Hanna.

"Testing Exogeneity of Economic Variables:  An Application of Innovation Accounting," Applied Economics, (Vol.26, 1994)

"Macroeconometrics of Stock Price Fluctuations," with Steven C. Hayworth, Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics (Vol. 32, Winter, 1993).

"The Determinants of Fixed Investment Over the Business Cycle:  Some Time Series Evidence," with Frederick E. Tank.  Journal of Macroeconomics (Vol. II, Winter 1989).

"Money and the Business Cycle: Another Look," Review of Economics and Statistics  (Vol. 70, 1989). 

Inflation, Tax Rates and Investment with Endogenous Financial Behavior,” with Peter Rangazas.  Southern Economic Journal  (Vol. 55, April 1989).

"Testing Some Monetarist Propositions,” with Peter Rangazas.  Review of Economics and Statistics  (Vol. 70, February 1988).

"Taxes and the Corporate Sector Debt Ratio:  Some Time Series Evidence," with Peter Rangazas.  Review of Economics and Statistics  (Vol. 69, May 1987).