Ms Olga S. Ponomareva (2005)

Olga is currently a research economist at Ernst & Young Company. Her present responsibility is research leading to transfer pricing with large international companies. Olga received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics, with a major in Accounting & Audit from Tambov State Technical University (TSTU), Tambov, Russia. At Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Olga completed her Masters Degree in Applied Economics in April 2005. While at EMU she focused her studies on data analysis, with a particular emphasis on econometrics and modeling. Olga’s interest in research led her to research work that included analysis of public and private sector performance, health economics and total quality management areas. Her work as a research assistant at EMU, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and TSTU resulted in a number of publications. While at EMU OMNEX, Inc., an international training, consulting and Software Company, granted Olga an internship where she gained training in marketing and business development in automotive industry, total quality management, quality control and ISO standards.

The high quality and intensity of classes that Olga took at EMU Economics department had prepared her to the high pace and challenging business environment at such dynamic company as Ernst & Young. The research experience at EMU had a great impact on her ability to work successfully with colleagues, clients and have a thoughtful and thorough approach to the analysis and delivery of the final results.