Dr Donald Pearson

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Pearson has retired on 2009 after serving 41 years at Eastern Michigan University. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. His major areas of academic interest are: History of Economic Thought, Collective Bargaining, and Latin American economics. He regularly taught courses in comparative labor movements, history of economic thought, and collective bargaining. He also taught the macroeconomics half of the Principles of Economics sequence.

In addition to coordinate and direct the department of economics undergraduate advising, Dr. Pearson was responsible for Program Assessment in the department. Dr. Pearson regularly organized and accompanied study-trips to Russia, so that students have a chance to see close-up the operations of an economic system very unlike our own. Dr. Perason has recently authored a series of Instructor's Manuals for faculty members using Principles of Economics textbooks published by McGraw Hill Co.

Our distinguished faculty, Professor Emeritus Don Pearson, was given the honor to lead his colleagues during the Winter 2010 Commencement. Professor Pearson carried the University mace, a symbol of authority of the President and the BoR. The mace represents the golden flame of learning and is carried by the grand marshal, who is chosen on the basis of service to the university.