Mr Rami A. Wihaidi

After completing his undergraduate degree in Economics and Mathematics, Rami Wihaidi completed his Masters Degree in Applied Economics in 1993.

Since his graduation and leaving EMU Rami works an Economist in several international organizations. He worked in the United Nations Special Coordinator Office in the West Bank and Gaza Strip (UNSCO) and participated in the production of a quarterly report on the Economic and Social Conditions in the West Bank and Gaza which became one of the most cited publications in economic and social studies. He also served as an Investment Officer at the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) in charge of managing PMA assets in international financial institutions.

Rami is an experienced Public Policy and Institutional Development Advisor. He has gained his experience working for a well known International Economic Development firm, Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). For the past 6 years, he worked with public and private sector institutions advising them on various policy options especially those related to compliance with to the multilateral trading system such as the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Currently, he manages the Policy and Institutional Development unit of the Palestinian Enterprise Development Project, A USAID funded project. In addition, he manages the project operations in the Gaza Strip.

He served as the Manager of the Policy Management Unit at the Market Access Program (MAP), a USAID-funded project in Palestine implemented by Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI). He was the Senior Policy Advisor and advised client business associations to build policy and advocacy capacities within related institutions. Rami have been involved with the Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA) on issues of Telecommunication Regulation in Palestine.

Rami provides strategic direction for the Palestinian public-private initiative for compliance with the Multilateral Trading System (MTS) benchmarks. He also serves as a member of Palestine’s Technical Advisory Team on WTO accession.

Recently, Rami was selected as a member of an assessment team to assess Ukraine competitiveness in the international market. He was in charge of assessing Ukraine’s institutional readiness to join the World Trade Organization. This assignment was done for Bizpro-Urkraine a USAID funded project in Ukraine.