Dr James Thornton

Professor of Economics

Dr. Thornton joined the department in 1991. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. He received his MA and BA degrees from Marquette University. His major areas of interests are Health Economics, Industrial Organization, and Econometrics. 

Dr. Thornton regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate health economics, econometrics classes.  He also teaches the pricinciples of microeconomics.

His most recent publications include:

  • “Does More Medical Care Improve Population Health? New Evidence for an Old Controversy,” Applied Economics, 43, 2011.
  • “Does Extending Health Insurance to the Uninsured Improve Population Health Outcomes?,” Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 6(4), 2008. (With Jennifer Rice).
  • “Determinants of Healthcare Spending: A State Level Analysis,” Applied Economics, 40(22), 2008. (With Jennifer Rice).
  • “Accuracy of Retrospective Memory and Covariation Estimation In Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,” Behaviour Research Therapy, 46, 2008. (With Andrew Gloster et al.)
  • “Erectile Dysfunction Risk Recognition in a Urology Clinic Practice,” British Journal of Urology, 95, 2005. (With David Rowland and Arthur Burnett).

For the entire list of publications and further informaton see Dr. Thornton's academic Vita and List of Publications.

View Dr. Thornton's page at http://people.emich.edu/jthornton