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In 2008 EMU received the Carnegie Classification in Community Engagement (it's not an award, but a recognition) in the second year that the Carnegie offered the designation.Carnegie created the classification to recognize evolving structures in higher education (Over 200 institutions have the classification.)

This important designation requires colleges and universities to undergo a self-study of their community engagement practices and to provide evidence-based documentation of improved institutionalization of community engagement in curriculum, scholarship, and outreach.

All of those who received the classification in 2006 and 2008 and want to continue being a Carnegie Community Engaged Campus are now required to reapply.

Our (re)classification application is due April 2014.

Successful re-classification depends in large measure on EMU's ability to demonstrate improved institutionalization of community engagement since our initial classification in 2008. The re-classification process also affords EMU a vital opportunity to reflect on our own practices and to work toward improved institutionalization of community engagement practices in the future.

Externally the Carnegie Classification provides validation and recognition of our community engagement work.

Internally the Carnegie Classification assists us in the institutionalization of community engagement

  • Strengthening our campus culture and identity
  • Support for ongoing activity in teaching, research, and service
  • Material and coordinated organizational support for community engagement at all levels.
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