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Community Engage Council - 2014

This University-centered council focuses on using University assets and resources (faculty expertise, student volunteers and organizations, AS-L courses, and grant initiatives) to meet a specific community need or need based upon data/research. It also serves to internally collaborate, enhance and promote community collaboration (and avoid duplication) and externally promote and facilitate community/university activity. The CEC is housed in the Government and Community Relations Office 

Primary purpose: to create and improve upon community collaboration between and among the University and local community entities in business, education, government and non-profits.

Ypsi Rising

Ypsi Rising, a Townhall Nation Event

The CEC serves
• as an advisory and possible action body for the University Strategic plan,
• to provide support for Institutional accreditation
• as the developer of community engagement data and assessment
• as virtual front door dedicated to community engagement and collaboration

• University personnel actively involved at the institutional level with community engagement (e.g. Government Relations, Media Relations, ISCFC, AS-L, NLA, VISION, CFE)
• A local Community organization/entity representative currently or previously involved in university collaboration 
• An A2Y Chamber Representative
• City Manager or Planner

What areas of the University does CEC impact?

Ypsi Rising A Townhall Nation Event

Treats at Ypsi Rising

• Enrollment
• Foundation/ resources
• Community relationship/perception
• Faculty development/university culture
• Social Economic revitalization
The core charge of the Community Engaged Council is to develop a Community Blueprint.

What is a Community Blueprint?
A Community Blueprint helps community leaders & university leaders plan for and carry out effective and comprehensive community revitalization, engagement and building efforts.
• Through this Blueprint process we will work to align with the Eastern Leader's Group, Washtenaw County executive and specifically, Community Development, EMU Charter Schools, and local education officials both elected and appointed.
• This blueprint will outline and synthesize community and university needs and assets.
• In this vision, subsequent programming including, AS-L and community focused coursework, education initiatives such as Bright Futures and Gear Up can reinforce and reflect goals outlined in the blueprint.
• Funding can be sought to launch this blueprint, provide training and resources for community/university participants with the goal of developing of a 2-3 year usable university/community plan.
A blueprint is co-created by University and Community personnel, but is managed and operationalized by the University (e.g. Office of AS-L, ISCFC,etc.)
For example, if there community data demonstrates an achievement GAP in middle schools in reading/literacy, co-curricular and curricular efforts and programs to lessen that gap can be better focused and delivered.

Questions on the CEC can be directed to the Office of Academic Service-Learning at aa_asl@emich.edu

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