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Community-Based Learning,  Academic Service-Learning and Place-Based Learning

For faculty interested in developing and/or integrating community-based learning into their courses, curriculum and/or creative/scholarly efforts, the Office of Academic Service-Learning provides support, seminars and trainings.

Faculty and staff interested in place-based pedagogy, the Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition (SEMIS) provides institutes and workshops.

Testing, Training and Certifications

EMU’s Testing and Certification Center located in Halle Library on the main campus. The Center offers a number of industry certification exams including GED testing and CompTIA. Find out more.

Faculty and departments interested in designing and developing non-credit and professional training opportunities for recertifications, programmatic outreach and recruitments can contact the Engage@EMU office at emu_engage@emich.edu.

Find out more about EMU’s current non-credit and professional development programs.

Cross-University Collaborations and Engaged Scholarship

Several EMU offices and faculty from various disciplines have cultivated cross-disciplinary community partnerships to meet mutual programmatic and course needs.

EMU’s VISION Volunteer Center offers multiple programs including Alternative Spring Break (ASB) and Best Buddies. VISION also partners with the Washtenaw County Volunteer Database.

EMU’s Non-Profit Leadership Alliance (NLA) offers a non-credit, online non-profit certification for faculty, staff, students and community members. Learn more about the certification program.

The Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Communities provides support for faculty interested in curriculum collaboration with one of their programs (Bright Futures, Hamilton Crossing and Upward Bound). They also design and implement engaged scholarly/creative projects and research.  

State and National Community Engaged Networks and Organizations

EMU is a member of Michigan Campus Compact where faculty, staff and students participate in community and civic engagement training, share best practices and develop community and university initiatives.

Imagining America, (artists and scholars in the public life) is currently comprised of more than 100 college and university members and community partners. Annual programming includes convening a national conference and organizing cultural institutes and collaborative research projects. IA contributes resources to an expanding membership, offers opportunities to undergraduate and graduate student leaders and provides significant leadership to the field of engaged scholarship in higher education.

NERCHE assists in the management of the Next Generation Engagement project designed to develop and implement civic engagement initiatives aimed at the next generation of students, faculty and scholars in higher education.

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Faculty Engagement Highlights

In 2015, the Office of Academic Service-Learning (AS-L) celebrated its 20th year at EMU. The office has trained faculty and developed and designed community-based learning courses and experiences for hundreds of students.

Each semester there's an average of 25–30 AS-L courses available to both undergraduate and graduate students across all colleges.

Zuzana Tomas, associate professor of TESOL has three, as-l partnerships providing critical services to newly arrived immigrants in need of English language and cultural education opportunities. Partnerships with Civ City, Washtenaw Literacy, Jewish Family Services and the Free Methodist church provide EMU undergraduate and graduate students hands-on opportunities to both apply their knowledge in transformative ways.

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