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Faculty Engagement Highlights

An analysis of internal research awards for AY 2012-13 shows that 13 out of 48 awards qualified as applied research (work with community for bettering the community). Representative examples of community engaged work funded in AY 2012-2013 through internal research awards include: Improving the Uptake of Colorectal Cancer Screening in African Americans: An Evidence Based Approach (PI: Tsu – Yin Wu) and Reducing Drop-out rates in Ypsilanti by Providing Tutoring and Pathways to College: Tracking the Impact of Upper Bound Program (PI: Saldanha Kennedy).

Faculty and Staff

Eastern Michigan University faculty and staff support, create and initiate a diverse array of community engaged activity.

EMU's Testing & Certification Center is located in Halle Library on the main campus. The center offers a number or industry certification exams and even GED testing.

Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition/Building Leadership Capacity for Sustainability Education   partners on an annual basis with 11 schools, 41 community organizations and serves over 1700 school age students.

Bright Futures  provide over 80 EMU students volunteer, employment and mentoring opportunities in 15 schools along the Michigan Ave Coordinator.

The Legal Resource Center  was launched in 2004 as a laboratry for EMU paralegal students. SInce its launch it has assisted over 13,000 patrons with civil court forms and average 300 patrons a month.

As a member of Michigan Campus Compact , faculty, staff and students participate in community and civic engagement training, share best practices and develop community and university inititiaves.

Through the AS-L Faculty Fellows program, faculty are provided course release to develop and implement academic service-learning courses and curriculum enhancements.

Departments and colleges such as the College of Arts and Sciences PDI program , the Office of Academic Service-Learning  and the Women in Philanthropy support community engaged faculty and staff research and creative activity.

EMU supports through its hiring and promotion processes faculty who develop, participate and collaborate in community engaged scholarship and creativity activity.

If your program, office and/or organization is in need of design support contact  the 454 Design Lab , EMU's Graphic Design Practicum studio. This studio serves as a design agency providing professional design services to clients-university wide and with the community.

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