Eastern Michigan University
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Forms Library

Eastern Michigan University is committed to protecting the privacy of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its students, faculty, staff and other individuals associated with the University.

Program of Study Forms

Master of Arts degrees:
  • Children's Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • English Studies for Teachers
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Written Communication: Teaching of Writing Emphasis
  • Written Communication: Professional Writing Emphasis
  • Certificate in Language Technology
  • Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing
  • Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication

Alternate Coursework Forms

  • Independent Study
  • 400 level courseĀ  for Graduate Credit

MA Thesis and Capstone Project Forms

For all programs that submit the official thesis to the Graduate School:
(typically, Children's Literature, Linguistics, Literature)
  • Thesis Proposal Form
  • Thesis Approval Form
  • Thesis Information Form
  • Electronic Permissions
Contracts for Final Exams and Writing Projects NOT involving the Graduate School
  • Creative Writing Capstone Writing Project
  • LITR MA Exam Registration Form
  • Contract for Master of Arts Writing Project

Graduate Assistantship Forms

  • Application
  • Recommendation
  • Background Check Waiver