Volume 9

Number 1 (Winter 1979)
· Walker, David. "Out of the Old Time: 'Was' and Go Down, Moses"
· Super, R. H. "Trollope's Vanity Fair"
· Kirkley, Harriet. "Boswell's Life of the Poet"
· Marten, Harry. "'The Stranger Becomes Oneself': Visual Surfaces and Patterns in Conrad Aiken's King Coffin"
· Wasserman, Jerry. "Mimetic Form in The Waves"

Number 2
(Spring 1979)
· Begnal, Michael. "Thomas Pynchon's V.: In Defense of Benny Profane"
· Bender, Bert. "The Nature and Significance of 'Experience' in 'The Open Boat'"
· DeGraaff, Robert. "The Trouble with Richard Feverel"
· Orr, Leonard. "Digression and Nonsequential Interpolation: The Example of Melville"
· Hessler, John. "Dowell and The Good Soldier: The Narrator Re- Examined"
· Rogers, Henry III. "The Two Faces of Moll"
· Billingsley, Dale. "'Standard Authors' in Huckleberry Finn"

Number 3
(Fall 1979)
· Mayer, Charles. "Henry James's 'Discriminated Occasion': A Determinant of Form"
· Alley, Henry. "New Year's at the Abbey: Point of View in the Pivotal Chapters of Daniel Deronda"
· Senf, Carol. "Dracula: The Unseen Face in the Mirror"
· Boardman, Michael. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Rhetoric and Vision"
· Folks, Jeffery. "The Influence of Poetry on the Narrative Technique of Faulkner's Early Fiction"
· Tinsley, Molly. "Muddle et Cetera: Syntax in A Passage To India"
· Hallab, Mary. "Victims of 'Malign Machinations': Irving's Christopher Columbus and Melville's 'Benito Cerito'"