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About Us

The Equality Research Center, established in 2010 as the Center for the Study of Equality and Human Rights, is an academic research center focused on promoting inclusion, equality, and social justice through knowledge.  Our work makes credible information accessible to policy makers, activists, academics, educators, and communities through public information, awareness, and education.  We believe that knowledge is central to confronting homophobia and heterosexism. We are committed to amplifying LGBT voices, stories, and experiences. We envision communities in which people of diverse identities are heard and can participate equally in all dimensions of social living.


Our Mission

The mission of the Equality Research Center is to promote, support, and disseminate research focused on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender equality and human rights. The Center is dedicated to the advancement of equality by connecting academic, evidence based research to community action, public policy, and curricular innovation.



The Equality Research Center works to:

  • Stimulate and support interdisciplinary academic research focused on public policy, social justice, and educational practice.
  • Foster community action in response to homophobia and heterosexism
  • Offer opportunities for engagement in public discussion and debate about LGBT issues
  • Provide coordinated central access to sources of information and scholarship on LGBT concerns
  • Promote safety and inclusion in educational environments and institutions for learners of all identities.