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The ESL Program at EMU is flexible because it offers two excellent options for international students:

1.  Intensive English Program admission (IEP):  You can be admitted to EMU to study only ESL. A test score is NOT required to apply to the IEP Program.  You can fill out an application and mail it directly to the ESL Program. See the IEP fact sheet and application process for more information. While you are studying in the Intensive English Program, EMU staff can help you apply to a degree program.

Please note: all students must submit their transcripts through Educational Perspectives. You can click on the red icon to submit your transcripts online.

Educational Perspectives

2.  ESL conditional admission: You can be admitted to a degree program, even if you need to study ESL first.  ESL courses have academic credit that can be used for elective credits toward graduation requirements in many undergraduate degree programs.  You can take any level of English as a conditionally admitted student. You can apply for undergraduate conditional admission through University Admissions and graduate conditional admission through the Graduate School.



English as a Second Language is part of the World Languages Department, 219 Alexander, 734.487.0130