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Program Location Degrees
Nursing Livonia M.S.N.
Learning Disabilities Livonia M.A.
Integrated Marketing Communications Online Cert.
Integrated Marketing Communications Online M.S.
Human Resource Management and Organizational Development Livonia M.S.
Human Resource Management Livonia, Online Cert.
Human Nutrition Online M.S.
Historic Preservation Up North Cert.
Health Administration Major Henry Ford B.A./B.S.
General Public Management Livonia Cert.
General Business Major Livonia B.B.A
Entrepreneurship Online Cert.
Engineering Management Online M.S.
Educational Psychology Online M.A.
Educational Media and Technology Online Cert.
Educational Media and Technology Online M.A.
Educational Leadership- K-12 Administration Jackson, Livonia, Online, Washtenaw County M.A.
Educational Leadership Grand Rapids, Livonia Ph.D.
Educational Leadership Livonia Sp.A.
Educational Assessment Online Cert.

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