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schoonerBIO 278* (CRN 54580), BIOT 591 (54581)
(2 credits or SCECHs) | June 18–20, 2015
Credit cost: tuition and fees, plus a $130 program (includes lodging)
Non-credit and SCECHs cost: $545 (includes lodging)

Learn about Michigan's unique natural features, as well as the influences of its maritime, farming, logging and cultural history. Experience the unique places of Michigan and meet with regional specialists to learn about the features of the state. For educators, the course encourages them to incorporate local examples into their own educational programming.

  • Michigan birding through a trip to a restored prairie habitat; and discussion of the importance of native plants to birds.
  • History of commercial fishing on the Great Lakes with discussion of current Michigan fishery through a visit to an active commercial establishment.
  • Geology and shoreline ecosystem of the Great Lakes with discussion of maritime history.
  • Agriculture's impacts on Michigan land.
  • American Indian heritage, culture and art; historical uses of the land and water; ecosystem changes in the past three centuries; and current stewardship efforts of local American Indian tribes.
  • Hikes through various Michigan habitats, including such areas as dunes, marshes, coniferous/deciduous forests, meadows, rivers, lakes, etc.

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If you have any questions, contact Sarah Painter at 734.487.9045 or email spainter@emich.edu.

*Approved for LBC group 3 credit.