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The goal of this program is to assist those with an undergraduate degree in other than construction management and help them develop new career options in the construction industry. This program provides the adult learner with the knowledge base for understanding the management process of the construction industry including the initiating, planning, execution, control and close-out of construction projects.

This program is intended for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in a non-construction related field who wish to transition from their current area into the construction industry. Examples of interested adult learners include a) those from the automotive and manufacturing industries that are in career transition, b) current semi-professionals working in the construction industry who wish to formalize their knowledge and experiences, and c) future professionals who need the construction knowledge to augment their design-based undergraduate degree for improved job prospects.

School Information:

School of Visual and Built Environments - College of Technology

Deb deLaski-Smith, Ph.D.

206 Roosevelt
(734) 487-2490

Advisor Information:

Bill Moylan, Ph.D.

206 Roosevelt Hall
(734) 487-2721

Graduate Certificate in Construction

Required Courses: 12 hours

  • CNST 506 - Construction Law 3 hrs
  • CNST 511 - Construction Project Planning and Estimating 3 hrs
  • CNST 512 - Construction Project Scheduling and Control 3 hrs
  • Choose one course from the following:

  • CNST 527 - Industrial Construction 3 hrs
  • CNST 550 - Fundamentals of Construction Project Management 3 hrs