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Human Resource Management and Organizational Development


  1. To prepare professionals who understand and apply human resource and organizational development techniques in ways that lead to greater organizational effectiveness.
  2. To prepare professionals who understand and are able to plan, implement and manage change processes, whether in positions internal to an organization (managerial or staff support) or as external consultants.
  3. To prepare professionals who understand the need to match organizational needs with human resource needs and are able to implement appropriate systems related to structure, process and human resources.


Advisor Information:

Dr. Fraya Wagner-Marsh, SPHR, GPHR

466 Owen Building
(734) 487-3240

Course Requirements

Foundation/Prerequisite Courses: 12 hours

Nine hours of graduate or undergraduate non-management courses spread across three business functional areas (marketing, law, economics, accounting, finance). One three-hour course from these nine hours must be either an accounting or a finance course.  Students must also demonstrate a proficiency in using computer applications including Word, Power Point and Excel spreadsheets. In addition, students must take:

  • DS 501 - Introductory Probability and Statistics for Business 3 hrs
  • or an undergraduate statistics course

Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development:

Required courses: 18 hours

  • *  MGMT 505 - Organizational Theory and Behavior 3 hrs
  • **  MGMT 509 - Strategic Human Resource Management 3 hrs
  • MGMT 602 - Theory and Techniques of Organizational Development 3 hrs
  • MGMT 610 - Diagnostic Techniques and Research Methods 3 hrs
  • MGMT 628 - Human Resource Development 3 hrs

Three hours of practicum or thesis:

  • MGMT 688 - Practicum in Human Resource Management/Organizational Development 3 hrs
  • MGMT 692 - Thesis in Organizational Development 3 hrs