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Public Administration

The Political Science Department offers eight graduate certificates that build upon the M.P.A. curriculum. The primary goal of these graduate certificates is to provide students with graduate-level training short of a full master’s degree curriculum that complements and supports their need for professional development in public management and their desire for personal enhancement. All certificates are flexible enough to meet the needs of both pre-career and in-service individuals. These courses are offered on both the main Ypsilanti and Livonia campuses.

Specifically, the objectives of the certificate programs are to:

  1. Provide an overview of public management concepts of politics/administration, leadership, ethics, human resources, budgeting and organizational theory;
  2. Provide course work that is specific to the skill set that is needed for various public management careers;
  3. Be flexible enough to serve either pre-service or in-service student audiences who are either entering the workforce or are already in the workforce and seeking a change from professional or technical roles to managerial roles, or from nonprofessional roles to professional or technical roles, or possibly using the certificate courses as part of or all of a master’s degree minor;
  4. Enable students to complete their certificate curriculum in eighteen to twenty-four months maximum;
  5. Enable students who complete the certificate and decide on a full Master’s degree in Public Administration to transfer all of the certificate course work into the M.P.A. program;
  6. Enable students who currently hold a graduate degree, including an M.P.A., to obtain an additional area of specialization.

Admission Requirements for Graduate Certificates
Applicants must fulfill all of the admissions requirements of the Master of Public Administration Program.

Advisor Information:

Barbara Patrick, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Political Science
601 Pray Harrold
(734) 487-3113