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Teaching in Health Care Systems

This program prepares students as educators in health care systems. The focus is on education of client/family groups, staff development, extended programs and educational outreach, and teaching in health care and nursing education. The program focuses on the educator role and the theory and practice of teaching and learning. Course work examines theories, strategies and research related to the teaching/learning process in health care systems, curriculum patterns for various learners, legal/ethical considerations in teaching and the trends in both education and health care that affect educational planning and evaluation. In the practicum, the student is given an opportunity to synthesize previous learning and function in an educator role under the mentorship of select expert preceptors.

Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Health Care Systems

Certificate Requirements

The certificate requires 12 hours of course work to be distributed as follows:

  • NURS 505 - Health Status Trends and Health Care Delivery Systems 3 hrs
  • NURS 620 - Teaching in Health Care Systems: Instructional Strategies and Skills 3 hrs
  • NURS 622 - Teaching in Health Care Systems: Curriculum/Program Development and Evaluation 3 hrs
  • NURS 624 - Practicum in Teaching in Health Care Systems 3 hrs

Certificate Total: 12 hours


For those students, pursuing an Master of Science in Nursing  , this certificate requires a separate application fee to be admitted to the program. A separate application for graduation is also required upon completion of the required courses.