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Eastern Michigan University is pleased to announce the continuation of the eFellows program for academic year 2013-2014. This program is provided for tenure/tenure-track faculty and full-time lecturers through the collaboration between the Bruce K. Nelson Faculty Development Center, Faculty Senate, the Office of the Provost, and the Division of IT. The program is funded by the Office of the Provost.

The eFellows program was established to support faculty and lecturers in obtaining the resources needed to successfully integrate technology that enhances student-focused instruction in courses and curriculum. The overall outcome of this program is to improve and enhance student learning and the scholarship of teaching through the integration of appropriate technology.

Current Application for Proposals

Call for Proposals

All proposals MUST be received by 11:59 p.m. on the due date. Proposals must be complete and contain all required components. NO late submissions will be accepted.

Further information is available in the application instructions for proposals.

Successful Application Examples

Below find links to successful applications from previous eFellows calls.

  1. Application Example 1
  2. Application Example 2
  3. Application Example 3
  4. Application Example 4


Questions should be directed to:

Professor Michael McVey
Chair, eFellows Committee
phone: 734.487.4877
e-mail: mmcvey@emich.edu

Professor Peggy Liggit, Ph.D.
Director (I), Faculty Development Center
phone: 734.487.2537
email: pliggit@emich.edu

Congratulations to Our Spring 2014 Mini-Grant Recipients

The eFellows Committee would like to thank everyone who submitted applications during the last grant cycle. We commend you on your continued pursuit to use technology to enhance the teaching and learning of students at Eastern Michigan University. The Spring 2014 eFellows Grant recipients are:

David Albright, College of Business
His project, "Adding Dynamic Media Interactivity, Touch, and Movement to Learning Modules.

Sarah Fabian, Library
Her project, "Using iPads in Writing Instruction.

Sun Hae Jang, College of Health and Human Services
Her project, "Portable Video Recordings Using iPads.

Terra Merril, College of Arts and Sciences
Her project, "Technology-Enhanced Clinical Music Therapy Supervision.

Micah Murphy, College of Business
His project, "Making Online Lessons Interactive with Adobe Presenter 9.

Linda Myler, College of Health and Human Services
Her project, "Bringing Clinical to the Classroom in Health Assessment.

Chong Oh, College of Arts and Sciences
His project, "Using a Tablet for Social Med

Diana Pancioli, College of Arts and Sciences
Her project, "Printer for Ceramics Area.

Chris Reilly, College of Arts and Sciences
His project, "Improved Lecture/Demo Recording.

Jodi Schumacher, College of Health and Human Services
Her project, "Multiple Camera Project.

Joel Shoenhals, College of Arts and Sciences
His project, "Using iPads in Piano Instruction.

Shiri Vivek, College of Business
Her project, "Hindi Language Translators in the Classroom.

Proposal Writing and Feedback Workshops

Attend the of the following workshop and learn how to write a proposal for eFellows:

  1. Wednesday October 22, 2014 from 12:00pm-2:00pm Halle Library room 109B

Submit an Application

The eFellows Application has three requirements:

  1. Department Head Acknowledgement
  2. College Technology Specialist Acknowledgement
  3. Project Description

Department Head Acknowledgement

A document that shows you and your Department Head have discussed the project and that there is a willingness to commit departmental resources (if any) to the project as described in the description.

College Technology Specialist Acknowledgement

A document that demonstrates the willingness of your College Technology Specialist to support your project if needed and as outlined in the description.

Project Description

Maximum three pages in length
Includes the following sections as headings:

  1. Description of the project
  2. Required resources - Describe what the funds will pay for and how you will use those resources
  3. Timeline - Describe when the work takes place and when you will complete the project
  4. Assessment plan - Describe what kind of data you will collect to evaluate project outcomes?
  5. Technical support needs - Describe any technical support needs you will require of your College Technology Specialist or other campus group.
  6. Justification - Describe how the project improves instructional practices, positively impacts student learning outcomes, and builds a collaborative community for instructional activities.
  7. Plans for disseminating results - Describe how you will share your results with colleagues at EMU and beyond (at a minimum, awardees will share with EMU colleagues at a special Faculty Development Center sponsored workshop)
Click here to get Adobe Reader. You will need Acrobat Reader to read the PDF version of the application. You can get the reader for free from the Adobe Web site if not already installed on your computer. Get free Acrobat Reader. You will need the full professional version of Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDF version of the document.