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Part-Time Lecturer Awards



2016 EMU-FT Part-Time Lecturers Distinguished Teaching Awards

Guidelines and Nomination Form

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   I.     Award Overview

The Division of Academic and Student Affairs at Eastern Michigan University is committed to providing encouragement and incentives in support of outstanding teaching achievements. Towards this end, the Division of Academic Affairs will honor Part-Time Lecturers who have been nominated as outstanding teachers with awards to be presented during the winter 2017 semester. Six Distinguished Part-Time Lecturers will be awarded as follows: 

  • Two Part-Time Lecturers from the College of Arts and Sciences
  • One Part-Time Lecturer from the College of Business
  • One Part-Time Lecturer from the College of Education
  • One Part-Time Lecturer from the College of Health and Human Services
  • One Part-Time Lecturer from the College of Technology

The recipients selected will receive official University recognition of their classroom achievement and teaching excellence. All Part-Time Lecturers (as defined by the EMU/EMU-FT collective bargaining agreement) who completed an academic year of at least part-time teaching at Eastern Michigan University during the calendar year to which this awards nomination form pertains (2016) are eligible to be nominated for an EMU-FT Part-Time Lecturers Distinguished Teaching Award. For purposes of this award an academic year consists of two semesters in some combination of fall, winter, or summer. Individuals may receive the award in multiple years, including consecutively.

II.     Nomination Process and Deadlines

Eastern Michigan University administrators, tenured/tenure-track faculty, Full-Time or Part-Time Lecturers, and/or any three students may nominate a Part-Time Lecturer for this award, individually or as a group, to the Eastern Michigan University Federation of Teachers. Part-Time Lecturers may also nominate themselves. All nominations are to be communicated to emu-ft-treas@outlook.com by 6:00 pm on Tuesday, January 31, 2017, and all required nomination support materials are to be submitted electronically via e-mail as a single attachment to emu-ft-treas@outlook.com by the end of the day February 10, 2017. Nomination support materials will not be accepted from anyone that was not previously identified as a nominee prior to the aforementioned January 31, 2017 deadline, and no nomination support materials will be accepted after February 10, 2017. The Eastern Michigan University Federation of Teachers will acknowledge receipt of e-mailed materials via e-mail reply within one (1) week of receipt. The Eastern Michigan University Federation of Teachers will issue a decision and notify the Division of Academic Affairs of the award winners on February 28, 2017. The awards will be given to the selected recipients at the Distinguished Contributions Awards Ceremony recognition event on March 29, 2017; nominees will NOT be notified of the names of the award winners in advance of the announcement of the winners at this event.

III.     Nomination Materials

a.     Criteria

A nomination packet will contain all of the following required information in order for the nominee to be considered. It is the responsibility of the nominee and the individual(s) presenting the nomination to provide supporting data. Nominees and nominators are asked to strictly focus the supporting documentation/information of the nomination on information relevant to the nominee’s teaching skills and achievements.

A ranking will be applied to the information based upon these criteria:

  • Mastery and understanding of the field/discipline being taught
  • Ability to communicate a passion for learning to students, and nurture that passion in students
  • Ability to teach in ways that respect both the stated objectives of a course and the particular abilities, interests, and goals of students in a course
  • Ability to promote creative and critical thinking; to facilitate students’ ability to extend their learning beyond their prior knowledge and develop a more comprehensive view of the field, themselves, and the world
  • Creative and innovative use of human and material resources to help students extend their learning

The EMU-FT Part-Time Lecturers Distinguished Teaching Awards Review and Selection Committee will not be able to consider late applications, and applications are only valid for the year submitted.

b.     Nomination Materials

Nominators should present a package of materials in one e-mail attachment which includes:

  1. Cover sheet as the first item
  2. Personal Narrative (2-4 pages, double-spaced, plus explanatory and supportive documentation) addressing:
      • Philosophy of teaching with carefully explained teaching innovations
      • Commitment to students in the classroom and in the EMU community
      • Summaries of course and curricular innovations developed/used by the nominee
      • Professional development activities connecting directly to classroom practices (note that professional development activities should connect directly to classroom practices and could occur in relevant community activities, EMU professional development programs, and/or relevant academic courses)
  3. A current CV
  4. Representative syllabi from each course taught during the WI ’16, SU ’16, and FA ’16 semesters (if multiple sections of the same course are taught within the same semester, nominator need only submit one syllabus per course per semester).
  5. Letters of support from individuals who are familiar with the nominee’s teaching credentials and performance, for example: students, colleagues, department heads, school directors, program heads/coordinators
  6. Formal evaluations by department heads/school directors/faculty (classroom observations, etc.), if any.

Applicants may also include in appendices:

  • Quantitative data summary of all student classroom evaluations for up to five years preceding the academic year to which this awards nomination form pertains
  • Letters of support from outside EMU
  • Evidence of research/scholarship
  • Additional relevant materials deemed relevant to illustrate quality of teaching may be included

IV.     The EMU-FT Part-Time Lecturers Distinguished Teaching Awards Review and Selection Committee

The EMU-FT Part-Time Lecturers Distinguished Teaching Awards Review and Selection Committee (heretofore referred to as “the Committee”) will consist of members of EMU-FT and will be chaired by a member of the Committee that is selected by a majority vote of the Committee members; Part-Time Lecturers serving on the committee will only consist of those whom have chosen not to apply for a Part-Time Lecturers Distinguished Teaching Award for the academic year to which this awards nomination form pertains. The EMU-FT Member Council will work with the Union Council to select the members of the Committee. Any Lecturer that is interested in serving on the Committee, and is willing to forego the ability to be nominated for an award for the academic year to which this awards nomination form pertains, should contact Tim Allen, EMU-FT Union Organizer, at either EMUFTorganizer@gmail.com or (734) 487-5448.

The Committee will meet to discuss the nominations, vote and select the award recipient. The Committee members will receive the criteria for the teaching awards from the Committee Chair.

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