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General Education Program
Starkweather Hall, 1st Floor


  • Tues:  9 - 2pm
  • All other days, virtually or by appointment only

Dr. Chris Foreman


Tracey Sonntag
Graduate Assistant

General Education Program

Education for participation in the global community.

Any Student or Advisor seeking information about General Education should refer to the catalog

The General Education Program is a set of requirements that all students must meet in addition to major, minor, and university graduation requirements. It is not a major in and of itself. 


NEW! Our "Guiding Principle"


The General Education Program at Eastern Michigan University is the core of an undergraduate education. It is general in that it provides students with a comprehensive educational experience and prepares them for study within their major. General Education teaches students to think critically and communicate effectively; it provides an introduction to the methodologies and practices of the academic disciplines; and it promotes intellectual curiosity and a love of learning.

Information for:

     Faculty, Staff and Advisors 



What's New?

University Comparisons - How does EMU measure up?

University Comparisons as a PDF

NEW! HIST 200 War, Culture, & Society approved for Gen Ed in Global Awareness

NEW! HIST 203 Global History of Islam approved for Gen Ed in Global Awareness

NEW! DTC 120L1 Transform-U approved for LBC in Group 1

General Education FAQ 




For Faculty, Staff and Advisors

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