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Learning Beyond The Classroom


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For Advisors, Faculty, and Staff


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Advisors, Faculty, and Staff: Acquiring LBC Designation for Your Course or Experience

Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) Manual for Faculty, Staff, and Advisors

Before requesting consideration of your course for LBC, please access and review the LBC Manual linked above before following the request procedure. Once you have determined your course of action, make use of the resources below to get a course, program, or experience approved for Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC). For further assistance, contact Jessica (Decky) Alexander, Chair of the Gen Ed LBC Subcommittee.

  1. Complete one of the LBC inclusion forms: Course or Non-Course
  2. Seek departmental/school input and have Department Head / SC sign inclusion form
  3. The department forwards electronic copy and signed hard copy to the Course & Program Development Office
  4. Select one option:
    1. If an existing course, the Course & Program Development Office submits electronic copy to Chair of the Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) subcommittee and forwards signed hard copy to the General Education Program Director
    2. If a new course, the Course & Program Development Office holds the Gen Ed course inclusion form until course becomes officially approved through the university input system
  5. The LBC subcommittee reviews the inclusion form and submits feedback to the author
  6. Once approved by the LBC subcommittee, the course or experience is reviewed for approval by the General Education Advisory Council, who in turn, forwards to the Provost's office for final approval

LBC Assessment Project Materials


Student Organizations and Event Coordinators: Acquiring LBC Designation for Your Event

Students who attend eight (8) cultural or academic events, sponsored by a campus office or department, will earn one LBC for satisfying Option 1 of LBC Group 3. Is your organization or department planning an art exhibition, guest artist or guest speaker event, lecture, symposium, cultural excursion, multicultural event, theatrical performance or music and dance performance? 

Q: Can our registered student organization qualify for LBC?

A: In many cases, yes!

1. Make sure your student organization has registered with Campus Life, including the name of your faculty or staff advisor, and a complete listing of your executive board members (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer).

2. Design, coordinate, and implement LBC-approved volunteer opportunities and events. Check out our guide to LBC-approved events here, and make sure you're recording all volunteer hours and participation for each student, whether he or she is a member of your student organization or not.

3. Turn in your spreadsheets of LBC event attendance, leadership experiences, and volunteer hours to the General Education department. If you've read the guide linked above, but you still have questions, just email generaleducation@emich.edu.


Q: Our student organization hasn't registered with Campus Life. Can our work and participation still qualify for LBC?

A: That depends, and because each situation may be different, there isn't an easy answer we can give here. Contact the General Education department with the details of your situation and we'll get back to you, typically within one (1) business day.


Q: What code do I choose to enter LBC in My.Emich, or enter in the LBC Template spreadsheet?

A: The codes we use are as follows:

  • LB1 - Group 1, Self and Well-Being
  • LB2 - Group 2, Citizenship, Volunteerism, and Leadership
  • LB3 - has two different codes:
    • L3A for those who attend a cultural/academic event such as the one you're coordinating
    • L3P for those who participate in organizing or working the event or perform at the event.
  • LB4 - Group 4, Career and Professional Development
  • LB5 - Group 5, Multicultural Experiences
  • LB6 - Group 6, Undergraduate Research.


Students: Earning LBC FAQ


Request Confirmation of Your LBC Experience


Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) Student Manual


Q:  What is LBC – Learning Beyond the Classroom?

Part of the Gen Ed. requirements asks students to participate in Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) experiences. We think this is important because a university education is about more than just classes. Students involved in activities outside of the classroom have higher retention rates and more positive educational experiences.

How Will LBC Benefit You? Learning Beyond the Classroom encourages you to:

  • Obtain hands-on experiences,
  • Gain important skills for future professions
  • Bridge classroom knowledge with out-of-classroom experiences

This is great because you can actually fulfill graduation requirements with your involvement in student life outside the classroom, where A LOT of your learning happens in college.


Q: What Types of Activities Count for the LBC Requirement?

A: A wide variety of activities count for LBC, everything from Marching Band participation to a planning committee for a major campus event, from leadership camps to theatre performances. There are a large number of classes that count towards the LBC requirement if you prefer a classroom experience. See pages 8-20 of the Student Guide to Learning Beyond the Classroom for the complete list.

Credit-bearing courses taken to satisfy the LBC requirement will appear on your transcript. To check your non-credit course LBC entries: Log in to your My.Emich.edu account, then click the Student tab and the Student Services tab. Select the "Student Records" link, and then choose "Supplemental Advising Information." Your LBC entries will show up here.

If you see LB1, LB2, L3P, LB4, LB5, or LB6, you have completed that LBC group requirement. If you see one or more entries of "LB3" or "L3A," these are events from LBC Group 3. You must have eight events to complete this LBC group. 

If you believe your LBC entries are not correct, contact the General Education department.


Q: How do I earn LBC?

A: Lots of ways! Check this link to read through our LBC Student Manual. You'll find some interesting options for each LBC group, including volunteerism, student leadership, career-related experiences, attending certain movies, exhibits, and performances, and taking fun and helpful credit-hour classes. Remember that your experience must be associated or affiliated with EMU to qualify as an LBC.


Q: How do I know that my attendance at an LBC-approved event will be recorded?

A: At every event on the EMU Calendar listed as "LBC-approved," there must be a method of recording student participation. This may be giving your name and EID to a staff member who records them or filling out a slip of paper and turning that in to an event coordinator.

It's very important for you to keep a record or log of your attended events. That way, if there's ever a problem, we can help you figure out what's missing. 

If you do not find any way of recording your participation at an LBC-approved event, pick up an event program and ask for a name and signature on it from the event coordinator. Bring that signed program to the General Education department in Starkweather Hall. If you cannot come by during our office hours, just ask to leave it for Dr. Foreman, and make sure to include your name and EID. We'll contact you with any questions and send you an email when we have entered your attendance in My.Emich.edu.


Q: How many LBCs do I need?

A: It depends on your official "admit" status to EMU. If this was your first time attending any college, you'll need to earn LBC in two different Groups. If you transferred to EMU from another institution, you may only need one LBC. Ask your advisor or email generaleducation@emich.edu if you're not certain. We nearly always respond within one (1) business day. Remember that LBC must be completed at EMU, and cannot be transferred from another university.


Q: How can I see how many LBCs I have, or how many LBC-approved events I've attended?

A: Easy! Log in to your My.Emich.edu account, and click the Student Services tab. From here, click on Student Records, and then look for the Supplemental Advising Information link. Most LBC entries will appear here, including the events you may be attending to earn LBC Group 3 in Option 1. Other LBC experiences, including credit-hour courses, internships, student teaching, clinicals, and practiums may be found on your transcript. Just look for a course number followed by an "L," like COUN 100L or COB 200L; you can also look for courses that mention "internship, student teaching, cooperative experience, clinical, or practicum" in the course name.


Q: What do the LBC codes mean on my Supplemental Advising Information page?

A: The codes we use are as follows:

  • LB1 - Group 1, Self and Well-Being
  • LB2 - Group 2, Citizenship, Volunteerism, and Leadership
  • LB3 - has two different codes:
    • L3A for those who attend a cultural/academic event such as the one you're coordinating
    • L3P for those who participate in organizing or working the event or perform at the event.
  • LB4 - Group 4, Career and Professional Development
  • LB5 - Group 5, Multicultural Experiences
  • LB6 - Group 6, Undergraduate Research.

If you see the code "LB3," consider it the same as an L3A. 


Q: I know I've completed LBCs or attended events that aren't shown on My.Emich. What do I do?

A: If you've checked the Supplemental Advising Information link in your My.Emich.edu account and your Student Transcript and you do not see the LBC entries or attendances you believe you should have, use the LBC Request form here to provide a brief explanation of what you feel is missing. The appropriate faculty or staff advisor will receive a request to forward confirmation and approval of your LBC to the General Education department. If you do not receive an email with this approval within 5 business days, contact the General Education department at generaleducation@emich.edu.