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General Education Program
344 McKenny Hall

Winter 2017

We are generally available for appointments Monday-Thursday from 9am-2pm. To schedule an appointment, please email us at generaleducation@emich.edu.

All General Inquires:



Interim Director

Dr. W. John Koolage

Graduate Assistants

Rachel Dick
Danielle Clevenger
Facluty Fellows (Fall 2017)

Assessment Fellows
Dr. Doug Baker
Dr. Maria Milletti
Dr. Stephanie Casey
Dr. Ann Blakeslee
LEAP Fellows
Dr. Darlene Leifson
Dr. Brenden Fay
Review Fellows
Dr. Jenny Kindred
Dr. John Palladino


TCA Request for Gen Ed Substitution

TCA requests should be initiated by the student's advisor. Remember that TCA requests are just that -requests- and as such cannot be guaranteed. All TCA requests for courses to be considered as meeting general education requirements must be approved by the Director of the General Education Program. Advisors will be notified of the Director's decision via email, and should then relay the information to the student. If your request concerns consideration of a transferred course toward a major or minor program requirement, please contact the relevant department.

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Add another course request

  1. Remember that transfer students are only required to complete one LBC experience, and this experience must be completed at EMU. To request consideration of an LBC experience, please visit emich.edu/gened/lbc.