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Hugh Semple

Dr. Hugh Semple

Professor- Geographic Information Systems, Economic Geography

Strong Hall 118D
Office: 734.487.8169
Email: hsemple@emich.edu
Personal website: http://people.emich.edu/hsemple


Ph.D. 1997, Geography, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada
M.A. 1991, Geography, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
B.A. 1985, Applied Geography, University of Guyana, Turkeyen, Guyana

Research Interests

I maintain active research interest in (a) disease mapping and spatial analysis of public health data, (b) food production and food accessibility issues in the Caribbean, and (c) urban revitalization in the Caribbean.

In the field of public health GIS, my research focuses on geostatistical methods for detecting disease clusters, and the historical geography of various infectious diseases. I have collaborated with public health officials in Jamaica to develop GIS capability in the Ministry of Health in Kingston, and in the various health regions of that country. Recently, I have collaborated with CARES researchers investigating neighborhood patterns associated with out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in several US cities.

My research on food production and food accessibility is aimed at shedding light on the processes contributing to agricultural change in the Caribbean and how these changes are contributing to declines in food production, loss of biodiversity on small farms, and increased food insecurity in the region. My interest in food insecurity has extended to answering questions about the nature, evolution and geographic patterns of food insecure neighborhoods in US cities, including food deserts, which are extreme manifestations of food insecure communities in inner city areas.

Both urban growth and decay are pressing issues in the downtowns of Caribbean cities. My research is aimed at assessing the effectiveness of approaches to urban revitalization in the region and to suggest appropriate adjustments to revitalization models and policy.


GEOG 100 Introduction to Geospatial Sciences and Technology
GEOG 376 Spatial Analysis
GEOG 476 Geodatabases and Client Applications
GEOG 509 Geodatabases for Enterprise GIS
GEOG 579 Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 583 Cartographic Design
GEOG 584 Visual Programming for GIS Customization
GEOG 670 Spatial Analysis and Modeling
GEOG 674 Professional Publication/Report