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Graduate Papers of Publishable Quality: Examples

Graduate students in the Planning Program are required to write a "paper of publishable quality" and are encouraged to submit it for publication to a selected periodical or other publication. Below are listed the authors and topics of recently approved papers. These papers are available for review in the office of Norm Tyler.

You can also check out the Guidelines for Graduate Papers.

Ault, K. Ingrid. "Exploring Redevelopment of 'The Village' Using New Urbanist Principles." December 2010. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Bakita Siedlaczek, Brandy. "The Importance of Survey Results to Regional Councils of Government: 2004 Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Regional Water Quality Survey; A Case Study." December 2010. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Bury, Brian. "Evaluation of the Applicability of the Rosgen Stream Classification System to the Review of Stream Alteration Proposals in the State of Michigan." January 2004. (Reviewer, Eugene Jaworski)

Campbell, Scott. "Depth of Closure Contour Creator DLL (Dynamic Link Library)." January 2004. (Reviewer, Sandra Rutherford)

Donigan Eidemiller, Devany. "Urban and Regional Planning in the Private Sector." December 2010 (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Holowicki, Stephen. "Factors affecting the demographic and economic demise of Detroit's neighborhoods during the latter half of the twentieth century (1945-1974)." August 2010. (Reviewer, Robert Jones)

Lawson, Joseph. "Medical Marihuana Laws in Michigan." December 2010. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Leonard, Keith. "Genesee County, Michigan: Manufactured Housing Communities and Surrounding Land Use." March 2005. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Limoges, Michael. "The History of Economic Land Use Data in American Urban Planning." February 2010 (Reviewer, Robert Jones)

Lumpkin, William and Sandra Rutherford. "Utilizing a GIS As a Tool to Reach Urban Students." January 2004. (Reviewer, Sandra Rutherford)

Marvaso, Dominic. "The Success of Small Greenhouses: Are Superstore Stores Providing Competition or a Retail Outlet?" June 2004. (Reviewer: Eugene Jaworski)

Meixner, Julia. "Reduction of Stormwater-Induced Thermal Degradation in the Johnson Creek, a Cold-Water Stream, Wayne County, Michigan." December 2003. (Reviewer, Eugene Jaworski)

Mullens, Tracy. "Issues In Online Public Decision Support System Design" (Thesis). December 2002. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Muthyala, Sri Varun. "Enterprise Geographic Information System Strategic Plan for City of Allen Park." March 2006. (Reviewer, William Welsh)

Olseski, Brian, "Using GIS to Analyze Arsenic Levels in Groundwater in a Section of Brandon Township, Oakland County, Michigan" July 2006.

Peters, Von Grit. "Entwicklung und Umsetzung der stadtbaulichen Plane in Hamburg." May 2004 (Reviewer, Robert Ward)

Ringel, Jonathan. "Land Use Legislation and Voting by Party in Michigan, 2001 to 2006." May 2006 (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Schwartzenberger, Kristen. "Redevelopment Concerns and Brownfields Issues In the City of Saline." September 2002. (Reviewer, Robert Ward)

Shirilla, Donna. "Industry Cluster Analysis of Washtenaw County, Michigan." January 2005. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Stupka, Allison. "Online Public Participation in Planning: A Survey of Six Municipalities Offering Online Discussion Forums." May 2006. (Reviewer, Norman Tyler)

Thandassery, Naveen. "Statistical Analysis of Gastroenteritis Data Using GIS." May 2004. (Reviewer, Hugh Semple)

Urda-Thompson, Andrea. "An Introductory Chapter to Urban Planning for the Secondary Curriculum." March 2004. (Reviewer, Chris Mayda)

Wauldron, Barry. "Bringing Historic Preservation to the Public and Planning Process." September 2003. (Reviewer, Ted Ligibel)

Wheaton, Robert. "Master Plan: City of Gibraltar, Michigan." September 2003. (Reviewer, Robert Ward)

Zibbell, Bryan. "Measuring Pollutant Removal Effectiveness of a Municipal Road-Waste Decant Facility: A Municipal Response to the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System." February 2005 (Reviewer, Eugene Jaworski)