Student Satisfaction and Achievement in the Undergraduate

Urban and Regional Planning Program

(AY 2013-14)


The undergraduate Urban and Regional Planning Program at Eastern Michigan University is nationally accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board, one of only 15 undergraduate programs in the country to receive this distinction.  Accreditation helps to insure that the program maintains a high level of quality in its curriculum and that graduates are well-prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully enter into professional planning practice and related fields.


For further information on planning accreditation, visit the Planning Accreditation Board website.


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What students say about the Urban and Regional Planning Program


The mission of the Eastern Michigan University Urban and Regional Planning Program is to facilitate learning and the educational experience in preparing students to engage in careers in urban, regional, and community planning, and related areas.  The undergraduate Urban and Regional Planning Program provides a complete and balanced program for planning students that is focused on the application of planning principles and practices across a range of endeavors.  The program's major emphasis is on teaching and the individual mentoring of students in pursuit of planning knowledge.  The program also makes available opportunities for students to engage in relevant research, professional activities, internships, and community service.


The program regularly surveys its students to gain opinions on the quality of their educational experience.  The most recent survey was conducted in 2012, and 67% of program majors responded.


Student Opinion Survey

percent agreeing with statement

overall rating (scale of 1-5)

The curriculum covers the topics necessary to prepare me for a career in planning.



I am able to specialize in a planning field/minor of interest to me.



Planning coursework incorporates opportunities for community engagement.



The faculty is knowledgeable in a range of planning related fields.



Information is available on opportunities for student internships and/or jobs after graduation.




Overall approximately 80% of program students feel that the Urban and Regional Planning Program prepares them to enter into professional planning practice and related fields.


Professional Certification


Although not required for planning practice, many urban planners do become professionally certified by the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).  Among the requirements for AICP certification are a minimum of three years of qualified professional work and passage of a rigorous exam.  According to the most recent exam results released by the AICP (through May, 2011), graduates of the EMU undergraduate Urban and Regional Planning Program have enjoyed a 100% passage rate on the exam since 2008.  The national average is a 75% pass rate.


Of those graduates who take the exam, 38% pass within five years of graduation, with the remainder taking one to six years more.  Much of this additional time is spent aquiring a Masters degree or gaining further planning experience.


For more information about the AICP and the certification process click here.


Student Retention and Graduation


The Urban and Regional Planning Program typically has about 50 majors working towards their baccalaureate degrees, with 12-15 students graduating each year.

Academic Year







Planning Degrees








Planning students that enter Eastern Michigan University as freshmen typically take five years to graduate, while those who enter as transfer students generally take just over three years to complete all degree requirements.  Over 90% of all planning students graduate within six years of starting the program.  Approximately 85% of students who were in the program in the since the 2011-12 academic year returned the next year year (excluding those who graduated).


Cost of Attending Eastern Michigan University


The Urban and Regional Program has no special fees associated with it beyond what it costs to attend the university.  These costs are estimated below for the 2012-13 academic year.


In-State/Ohio Residents)


Tuition & Fees: $4,682.00

Tuition & Fees: $12,454.25

Room & Board: $4,298.00

Room & Board: $4,298.00

Total: $8,980

Total: $16,757.25


For more detailed information on EMU tuition and fees click here.


Post Graduation Employment Rates


The Urban and Regional Planning Program is currently developing a survey of its alumni to provide detailed information on the types of employment that they find within a year of graduation and what they are doing five years later.  Based on alumni contacts, current estimates are that just under half of program graduates find work in urban planning or a closely related field within a year or two of graduation.  An additional third of graduates find work that is somewhat related to planning or that makes use of the knowledge and skills they learned as planning majors.  Roughly 10% of program graduates go on to do graduate work in planning and related fields at a variety of universities such as the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Portland State University, and Morgan State University.


Further information on the success of program alumni can be found by clicking here.



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