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Historic Preservation

Departmental Advisors:

    Dr. Ted Ligibel
    Program Director
    235 Strong Hall

    Danny J. Bonenberger
    Assistant Professor
    118F Strong Hall

    Nancy Villa Bryk
    Assistant Professor
    229 Strong Hall

Admissions Requirements


All applicants to the master's program are required to meet a 2.75 overall grade point average.  A 2.75 grade point average is also required for admission to the certification program.  Students who do not academically qualify for admission to the master's program may wish to consider applying for "non-degree admission." If they achieve a 3.00 average in the first ten hours of graduate work, their subsequent application for admission to the master's program will, under most circumstances, be approved. 

Applicants should submit a completed Historic Preservation Program application and two letters of recommendation (one for Certificate) to the director of the historic preservation program. A separate application, with transcripts, should also be made to the Graduate School.

Because students entering the Program can be anticipated to come from a variety of academic and experiential backgrounds, highly individualized advising will be provided by core faculty to insure the most relevant program direction for each participant. GRE scores are not required for admittance to the Historic Preservation program.  (See the Program and Graduate School websites for more specific information.)

An attempt is made to balance entries between concentration areas.  Because some students elect the General course of study and others do not select their concentration immediately, the program director exercises flexibility in the selection process while at the same time attempting to achieve balance in student interests.  There is no enrollment limitation on students pursuing the non-degree certification curriculum.