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Historic Preservation

Departmental Advisors:

    Dr. Ted Ligibel
    Program Director
    235 Strong Hall

    Danny J. Bonenberger
    Assistant Professor
    118F Strong Hall

    Nancy Villa Bryk
    Assistant Professor
    229 Strong Hall

Graduate Assistantships


The master's program in Historic Preservation currently has an allocation from the Department of Geography & Geology for two graduate assistantship.  Because a student will generally hold an assistantship for two years, the availability of the assistantship in any given year varies.  A 3.00 grade point average is the minimal eligibility requirement for any type of assistantship. 

The Graduate School and the Office of Financial Aid jointly sponsor a limited number of College Work Study (CWS) graduate assistantships based on a combination of financial need and academic achievement which are also offered on a limited basis on any given year.  Only U.S. citizens are eligible for graduate assistantships and CWS. Graduate Assistantships are offered across EMU’s campus in varying offices and departments. Successful applicants may be appointed to a full-time (20 hours), three-quarter time (15 hours) or half-time (10 hours) per week position.  The time period for application is February and early March.  Those who do not receive a full or partial assistantship, but who are, nevertheless, determined to be financially eligible for College Work Study, may be able to work on an hourly basis.  CWS hourly positions may be available in the Department of Geography & Geology.

All full-time graduate assistantships (20 hours per week) are provided a stipend, full tuition for up to 18 credit hours for each academic year of the assistantship, as well as registration and general fees. Parking permits, bookstore discount, and faculty library privileges are also provided.  Stipend and tuition waivers are prorated for part-time assistantships.  For instance, a half-time assistantship (10 hours per week) pays a prorated stipend and up to nine tuition hours are covered for the academic year of the assistantship.

The Historic Preservation Program is also often able to garner financial support for internships or Graduate Assistantships from agencies and organizations that deal with historic preservation.  These have included preservation-based work experience with cities, churches, state agencies, preservation organizations, historical societies and consultants.  Please contact the program director to learn if any such positions are available.