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Eastern Michigan University
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Historic Preservation

Departmental Advisors:

    Dr. Ted Ligibel
    Program Director
    235 Strong Hall

    Danny J. Bonenberger
    Assistant Professor
    118F Strong Hall

    Nancy Villa Bryk
    Assistant Professor
    229 Strong Hall

Internship Opportunities


An internship (part-time) or cooperative education (full-time) arrangement is an optional activity, but is recommended.  Generally the student who desires to intern should plan this activity for the summer period or during the second year in residence and the student should seek the assistance of a program faculty member during the middle of the semester preceding the internship to apply the internship to their program of study.

Depending upon the student's interests, internships or cooperative education opportunities have been arranged with a variety of local and state preservation organizations and agencies, such as The Henry Ford,  the Michigan Historical Center and its State Historic Preservation Office in Lansing and with various municipal planning offices, community historical societies, or local historic district commissions. Students may also intern out-of-state, but are responsible for making these arrangements. 

Internships generally do not pay a stipend, but students who have established college work-study eligibility may sometimes be able to combine a college-work study arrangement with an internship and thereby receive a stipend.