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International Students

An international applicant is defined as a student who is either not a United States citizen or a student who has credentials from outside the United States. Permanent Residents' files are processed through International Admissions, but they can apply for Federal Financial Aid.

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New I20 shipping policy as of January, 2013: As a service to admitted students who want their I20 and admissions packet Express Mailed to them, EMU now offers a special discounted rate through United Parcel Service so they can pay to have the I20 shipped to them quickly. Download Instructions & Details.

All applicants to the Graduate School with non-U.S. post secondary credentials must submit an evaluation of their credentials to EMU. Educational Perspectives (EP) is the credential evaluation service that provides evaluations of international educational credentials for applicants to EMU. Order the "Detailed" report (course by course evaluation) for $135.00. The evaluation takes five business days from when the EP application, payment and all of the documents needed for an evaluation, are received at EP, and EP will send the evaluation to you and EMU upon completion. Visit EMU's EP site: www.edperspective.org/emich for details on how to submit the evaluation request and obtain an EP application form. This evaluation will be used to determine if you are eligible for admission to EMU, if your non-U.S. institution is recognized, and what your U.S.-equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA) is.

Please read our checklist for graduate international applicants for more specific information about applying to the Graduate School.

To help prepare you for applying to EMU as an international student:

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