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The Graduate School offers 201 programs and 20 degree and non-degree programs. Explore our offerings below to find the program that's right for you. Or use the search function to find offerings by program, department, college or degree.

Program Degrees Department College
Biology - General M.S. Biology Arts and Sciences
Chemistry M.S. Chemistry Arts and Sciences
Physics Education M.S. Physics and Astronomy Arts and Sciences
Dietetics M.S. School of Health Sciences Health and Human Services
Integrated Marketing Communications M.S. Marketing Business
Construction Management M.S. School of Visual and Built Environments Technology
Computer Science M.S. Computer Science Arts and Sciences
Psychology (Clinical Behavioral) M.S. Psychology Arts and Sciences
Nursing M.S. School of Nursing Health and Human Services
Engineering Management M.S. School of Engineering Technology Technology
Social Work M.S.W. School of Social Work Health and Human Services
Physical Education Pedagogy Concentration Non-Degree School of Health Promotion and Human Performance Health and Human Services
Technology Ph.D. Technology
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Psychology Arts and Sciences
Educational Studies Ph.D. Teacher Education Education
Educational Leadership Sp.A. Leadership and Counseling Education
Special Education Sp.A. Special Education Education

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