Eastern Michigan University
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Faculty Mentors


Dr. Steve Francouer

    • Kristin Bahleda

Dr. Cara Shillington

    • Sarah Schrader


Dr. Timothy Brewer

    • Michael Zielinski

Dr. Cory Emal

    • Darshani Weerakoon

Communication, Media and Theatre Arts

Dr. Jenny Kindred

    • Joshua Parcha

Dr. Patricia Zimmer

    • Shavonne Coleman
    • Laura Puchalski

English Language and Literature

Dr. Doug Baker

    • Chelsea Lonsdale

Dr. Ramona Caponegro

    • Chelsea Bromley
    • Bethany Fort
    • Lacey Hoffman
    • Rachel Rickard

Dr. Craig Dionne

    •   Elizabeth Dieterich

Dr. Dan Seely

    •  Mansour Altamini

Geography and Geology

Dr. Ted Ligibel

    • Megan Gilbert
    • Kenneth Lingaur
    • Ginny Schomisch
    • Steven Stuckey
    • Amanda Wetzel

History and Philosophy

Dr. Joseph Engwenyu

    • Jesse James
    • Tabatha Keller
    • Zeinab Moughnia

Dr. J. Vinyard

    • Marcus Adams

Leadership and Counseling

Dr. Barbara Bleyaert

    • Linda Foran

Dr. Peggy Liggit

    • Kerri Burchill


Dr. S. Casey

    • Nicole Garcia
    • Lisa Mitchell

Dr. Tanweer Shapla

    • Margaret Helmuth

 Music and Dance

Dr. Garik Pederson

    • Sarah Hamilton


Dr. Catherine Peterson

    • Erica Rouleau

School of Engineering Technology

Dr. Shinming Shyu

    • Sabreen Alsini
    • Gail Webber

School of Health Promotion

Dr. Frank Fedel

    • Caitlin Hayes

Dr. Frank Fedel &  Dr. Samir Tout

    • Rachel Kaltner

Special Education

Dr. Phil Smith

    • M. Kathryn Staton

World Languages

Dr. A. Illingworth-Rico

    • Paulo-Juarez Pereira

Dr. Hitomi Oketani

    • Hiroki Tanabe