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Graduate School

Arts Front

A presentation platform for the arts

What is Arts Front?

Arts Front is a session platform to support and highlight art-based (music, creative writing, performance, interactive drama, and visual art) presentations as part of the Graduate Research Conference.

Goal: To increase the opportunities for graduate students in the arts to present at the Graduate Research Conference.

Goal: To provide conference formats which replicate professional conferences and festivals.

Location: Kiva Room or Room 300 in the Student Center

4 sessions, 5 students per session, 15 minute time allotments including Q & A

  • Creative Writing
  • Some possible music presentations (with keyboard)
  • Performance (solo pieces, duos, performance art, directing pieces)
  • Interactive /Educational Drama
  • Possible Visual Arts

Format: Experiential, interactive, performance based presentations created thru coursework, mentorship, and/or individualized study. This format and venue allows for the sharing of graduate level performance and artwork. It is not a venue intended to support a more scholarly/research-focused presentation.

Format Specifics:

  • Presentation/Performance can be original work or interpretive work
  • Presentation/Performance needs to be contextualized within the discipline/field/specialty. This will need to be communicated as part of the presentation.
  • Additionally, the presentation/performance critical based question or purpose, which either led to the development of the work and/or is the result of the work, must be included in the proposal application.

Note: Minimal Projection and technical support may be limited. A piano is not available through this platform and venue.

Note: Students in music, creative writing, theatre and art can also choose to participate in the Oral Presentation format. Student requiring a piano should select the Oral Presentation format.


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