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Poster Presenter Guidelines

The following are guidelines for all POSTER presenters:

  • This is a conference so professional attire is encouraged.
  • Each presenter will have a three-foot table area upon which your self-prepared poster may be set up. Foam core boards (60" by 40") will be provided to which you may pin or clip your poster.
  • All posters should be set up prior to the start time of the assigned session. Table-top stands will be provided for your use.
  • There will be a sign on each table with the presenter’s name.
  • Explain your project to those who wander by during the session time period.
  • If you have handouts, run 50-100 copies.
  • After the poster session, attendance at the other poster or oral presentation sessions is welcome.

All presenters should:

  • Arrive early.
  • Park in the Student Center lot and use the parking passes as money when you leave the parking lot. You may pick up the parking pass a the GRF registration table.
  • Stop by the presenter registration table (by the elevators/info desk, 2nd floor, Student Center).
  • Pick up a copy of the day’s program.
  • Pick up name tag and certificate.
  • Pick up extra parking passes, if needed for family or guests.


Work with your faculty sponsor to prepare the poster and practice the presentation/responding to questions.  Your sponsor can help with last-minute details.

If for some reason (e.g., illness) you are not able to present, please notify your faculty sponsor AND the Graduate School as soon as possible. 

See schedule of events for poster and oral presentation times.

Please RSVP for the 5 p.m. Awards Reception. http://www.emich.edu/graduate/research/research_fair/rsvp.php