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Incomplete Course Work

A grade of “I” may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor when illness or other unavoidable extenuating circumstances prevent completion of a course, provided that academic performance for the completed portion of the course (50% or more) merits a grade of B or better. The instructor will provide the student and the department head/school director with a rationale for the “I” grade, will specify the work required to remove the Incomplete, and will specify the time by which the work must be completed.

Unless an extension is granted, an “I” grade must be removed within 12 months. The actual amount of time is determined by the instructor of the course. A request to extend the 12-month limit may be made only under unusual circumstances and upon written recommendation of the instructor, department head/school director and academic dean. Final approval of the extension rests with the Office of the Provost. The initiative for conversion of an “I” to a letter grade rests with the student. No extensions will be granted after three years, or the conferral of a degree, whichever is first. At such time, the “I” grade becomes a permanent part of the student’s academic record and will show on the student’s transcript.

Incompletes received in courses with “thesis,” “dissertation,” “research,” or “internship” in the title are not governed by the 12-month limitation regulations. These courses must, however, be completed within the Time Limitations requirements governing the applicable degree. Please refer to the Time Limitations section for further information.  


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